About Hollywood Sapien

Hollywood Sapien is written by anthropologist Scott Frank, for people in the entertainment industry and people interested in it.  The goal is to illuminate the always interesting, often surprising, and sometimes astonishing culture of Hollywood.

About the author
I have a PhD in cultural anthropology, with a focus on studying the entertainment industry (it’s true, they gave me a PhD for studying the tribe of Hollywood).  Professional experience includes over ten years working in museums dedicated to history and media, several more years working in the television industry, and ethnographic research experience in academic and corporate contexts. My articles on the anthropology of the entertainment industry have been published in Science as Culture, The Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, and Visual Anthropology Review (forthcoming). Those who know me well know my deep, dark secrets: I moonlight as a fencing coach at USC, and when I read the newspaper each morning, always start with the comics section.  I can be reached for questions, comments, etc. at sdfrank@gmail.com.

6 responses

12 03 2012
Brian Bowen

Anybody who’s anybody always reads the comics section first.

30 03 2012

I appreciate the vote of confidence!

29 03 2012
Mary J, fencer person, from USC in '98

Dr. Scott – what is your email? I currently teach, and have a comment about teacher’s unions, but I don’t want to blast my comment over the internet – 🙂

30 03 2012

I can be reached at sdfrank@gmail.com. Not excited about your union?

30 10 2015

are you available for a interview?

8 05 2020
Belton DeLaine-Facey

I saw your tweet about your dissertation on scientists in movies. It sounds like an interesting read. Could you please share it with me?

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